Recent updates – February 2014

Banding Machines

There has been a significant rise in sales of Banding Machines. In 2013 Busch had over 23 sales. Bob Cawte says:

“Banding machines are one of our big sellers at the moment. As the packaging sector grows our machines are perfect for quick, minimalistic, and environmentally friendly packaging and label production. We also sell our banding machines for bank note production, greetings cards and business cards – indeed anything that needs banding. Note that we offer a rental service for our banding machines and also a ‘try before your buy’ option. ”

Waste conveyors

Sales are steady as customers requiring simple and reliable waste removal from stitching lines, guillotines and die cutters recognise the advantage of our service. Each conveyor is tailored to the customer’s requirement and we give advice and installation free of charge. With increasing recognition of environmental standards, there is increased interest in our waste conveyors.

Pile turners

Busch Pile Turners continue to be at the forefront of choice for companies looking for quality engineering and reliability. Renowned for precision when Turning, Airing, Jogging and conditioning of the pile before, during and after printing Busch Pile Turners remain a popular purchase.

Die Cutters / Ram punches

With an increase in the label and card markets, customers are again turning to Busch products for precision and solid workmanship when looking to drive label and cards production including round corning.

Pile Hoists

This is a new product from BUSCH. The Pile Hoist works alongside the Guillotine in the press room. Read about the Pile Hoist and its’ specifications.

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