Material preparation outside the cutting machine

Joggers boost a cutting machine’s productivity, as they allow continuing cutting during material preparation. A jogger also increases the quality of the finished product thanks to their uniform, highly precise alignment and their formation of reams into blocks (a prerequisite for accurate cutting). This is the professional peripheral to the cutting machine.

Jogger working cycle


  • BR 87
  • BRA 87 (includes air removal roller)
  • BR 115
  • BRA 115 (includes air removal roller)


  • Solid engineering and precise, modern technology
  • Precise ream alignment
  • Air removal roller  (BRA 87 and BRA 115) for forming blocks of reams
  • Two pneumatic side flaps on the left and right
  • Four different adjustable table inclinations to the left and right
  • Solid welded underframe
  • Air-blown, VA-grade stainless steel vibrating table surface
  • Automatic, frequency controlled jogging mechanism
  • Selectable direction of rotation of the jogger’s motor, left or right (can also be switched over during operation)
  • Two different air removal pressures; pressure can also be individually programmed via pneumatic proportional valve
  • Infinitely variable roller speed
  • Intermediate pressing possible in jogging position
  • Fan and electric switchboard mounted on underframe
  • Pneumatic valve terminal technology (Festo)
  • Control: Siemens S7 1200
  • Electric equipment for 400V/50Hz three-phase current

Individual settings

Individual settings for different materials!

  • Four different table inclinations
  • Infinitely variable jogging intensity
  • The jogger motor’s direction of rotation can be adjusted during operation, both to the left and to the right
  • Intermediate pressing possible in jogging position for layer heights of 20 mm and above
  • Two different air removal pressures; pressure can also be individually programmed
  • Infinitely variable roller speed

Optional equipment

Vibration-absorbing machine feet


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