Pile Turners

Speeds up both the printing and the finishing process, so saving time and money

Turning, airing, aligning and jogging…


  • All types of machine boards and pallets can be used, including Heidelberg trolleys.
  • A complete pile can be turned in just over 1 minute, saving valuable time on work-and-turn or work-and-tumble jobs.
  • A pile turner is also invaluable for turning work to present to the folder or the laminator.


Before Printing

There are considerable advantages to airing the piles before printing:

  • separating sheets to minimise mis-feeds
  • removing paper dust
  • conditioning the material, where temperature and humidity vary

After Printing

A faster turnaround can be achieved with the use of a pile turner:

  • ink and varnish dries more quickly after airing
  • surplus spray powder is removed (essential when sending work for lamination)
  • airing helps to neutralise taint and odour in food packaging from the UV process


The aligning gauge acts as the side-lay, and can be set to whichever side-lay each press is running. The pile is then aligned to two straight edges.

If needed the aligning gauge can also be used to centre piles on larger-sized pallets. Perfect alignment of paper and board is achieved.


Perfect alignment results from jogging and airing in the tilted position (15°), even where the pile has moved in transit or been badly-delivered.

When used with airing it is possible to remove single sheets of 80gsm paper from the middle of the pile – when it is in the horizontal position.

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