All types of products, and different volumes, can be banded

Multiple banderBusch multiple banders:

  • are for the automatic banding of higher volumes of square-cut items than the table banders
  • can be used in-line or off-line
  • have a small foot-print (MB 54)
  • ability to handle mixed sheets (MB 54)
  • when linked to a guillotine (the MB 54) can be fed  by the guillotine operator, with a second person removing the banded items for packing
  • can be fed from a pallet lift when the bander (MB 54) is used as a stand-alone machine

Models available

  • MB 54

Banding materials

Banding material is either kraft paper tape or polyethylene tape

Optional equipment

Additional banding stations

  • 4 banding stations as standard and up to 10 as an option


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